Hey there.

You probably came for the stickers. Being a tiny (and new) company, we decided to blow our marketing budget on some stickers and give them out for free. Well, not entirely. We’d like you to check out our store, of course! Additionally, signing up adds you to our mailing list (yes, we know how annoying those are) but we promise you won’t get more than 1-2 emails a month, with a quality lookbook and maybe a deal or two. If you don’t want that, it’s one click to unsubscribe (or use a burner email). We hate spam too, and don’t want to clutter your inbox. Anyways, if you do find something you like, use code REDDIT for 10% off, and help fund our (now probably exorbitant) sticker budget to keep them free for as long as we can.

<3 Lunar Surplus

So our inbox exploded. We guess people love free stuff. If you missed it, don’t worry- Round 2 is coming up (hopefully) depending on sales.


Discount code REDDIT is now 15% off until Wednesday!